HEAF (High Efficiency Air Filter) for removal of Sticky, Tarry, Oily, Liquid Aerosols, VOC, Submicron particulate matter from exhaust gas for application where conventional scrubbers fail to meet the emission standards.

Patented CHEAF (Cleanable High Efficiency Air Filter) for removal of ultrafine soluble particulate matter to achieve most stringent emission standards and to remove visible flume from stack.

This system can be used for emission control of Ammonium Nitrate, Urea Prilling Tower Fumes, Submicron P2O5 aerosols, Glass furnace exhaust etc. This system is most efficient because of Low Energy/Pressure Drop compared to other system.

Odor removal systems for removal of obnoxious odours from Gas streams include tailor made packed bed scrubbers with acidic absorption to accomplish odour reduction.