Our Services include detailed investigations, analysis of waste with respect to Chemical Composition, toxicity, calorific values etc.

incineration for hazardous Solids/ Semi - solids/ Liquid and Electroplating Waste.

U.S.A includes:

  1. Static- horizontal/vertical incinerators for liquid wastes.
  2. Rotary kiln incinerators for virtually any types of wastes irrespective of thier from
  3. Pyrolytic two chamber incinerator for solid wastes
  4. Fluidized bed incinerators.

Some of the incinerator systems are provided with heat recovery systems.

Incinerator installations are provided with gas cleaning system for removal of various Pollutants such as Sox, HCL,HF,P2O5 fine aerosols, particulate matter etc; generated out of incineration of hazardous wastes.

The system packages are provided with High degree of Automation, Safety Systems and with PLC/DCS based controls.