Environment The Ministry of Environment and Forest vide its notification dated 13th March 1992 directed all industries which need to have consent under Water (Prevention & Control of pollution) 1974 and air (Prevention & Control of pollution ) 1981 and Hazardous waste Management, Handling and Authorization under rule 5 of the Hazardous waste( Management Handling and Transboundary Movement) Rules,2008 to file the Environmental Statement every year.

Environmental statement (From V) should be field by all industries before 30th September of every year.

The aim for preparation of Environmental Statement (From V) is to :

  1. Asses and continuously improve upon consumption figures of raw materials and or utilities per ton or kg of production there by reducing the generation of pollutants and or effluent and effect resource conservation.
  2. Continuously make improvements in the pollution abatement, Effluent Treatment facilities for better Environment and better living conditions.
  3. Maintain compliance with the prevailing Environmental law and regulations and to control Environmental Hazards.

Environment Statement (From V) Includes the details about :-

  1. Industry’s general information
  2. Water and Raw Material Consumption
  3. Pollution discharge to Environment/Unit of output.
  4. Hazards Waste details
  5. Solid Waste details
  6. Disposal Practices of solid & Hazards Waste
  7. Impact of the pollution control measures on conservation of natural resources and consequently on the cost of production.
  8. Additional measures/investment proposal for environmental protection including abatement of pollution, prevention of pollution.

Treatability Study Report:-

  1. Technical discussions regarding the effluent load and characteristics / biodegradability / treatability.
  2. Study and characterize all the streams/ samples and detail out any scope for segregation of pollution streams if possible.
  3. Carry out the treatability studies and optimization of operating parameters and dosing chemicals.
  4. Preparation of various composite samples, if required, depending upon tentative production pattern and carry out treatability studies on composite sample determined by pollution load characteristics.
  5. Detail out a feasible scheme of treatment and submit it in the form of feasibility report with treatment process, scheme and the budgetary estimates. Maximum use of existing units and equipment will definitely be considered.
  6. Excellent enviro has developed a fully fledged in house laboratory.