With increasing awareness and due to the stringent statutory compliance requirements, our full-fledged Project Division, Laboratory & Techno-legal teams are engaged in following activities in the environmental field

Sewage / Effluent Treatment Plants & Common Effluent Treatment Plants:

  1. Conducting Treatability / Feasibility Studies on Effluent Streams and finding out most economical techno-commercial solutions
  2. Designing, Construction / Supply, Erection & Commissioning of Sewage Treatment Plants, Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants & Common Effluent Treatment Plants, on Turn-key Basis.
  3. Basic & Detailed Engineering: Environmental Projects
  4. Project Management on Environmental Projects: Procurement Assistance, Project Schedules, Supervision during project execution, Supervision during plant start up
  5. Performance Audits of STPs, ETPs & CETPs for judging adequacy / inadequacy of units & equipment in the plants
  6. Operation & Maintenance of Sewage / Effluent Treatment Plants & CETPs on Contract Basis with experienced man-power
  7. Trouble-shooting of STPs, ETPs & CETPs
  8. Providing expertise services for Operations of ETP / STP on monthly Retainer-ship basis.

Filtration & Other Tertiary Treatment Units:

Supply, Installation / Erection, Operation & Maintenance of

  1. Pressure Sand Filters & Gravity Sand Filters
  2. Activated Carbon Filters
  3. Demineralization Water Plant
  4. Water Softeners
  5. RO Plants

Laboratory and Research & Development Services:

  1. Potable Water, Ground Water & Wastewater(Effluent/ Sewage) – Sampling & Analysis
  2. Fugitive & Process Emission Monitoring
  3. Flue Gas analysis from Stacks
  4. Noise level monitoring
  5. Light & Illumination surveys
  6. Hazardous Waste & Solid Waste Characterization
  7. Soil Analysis
  8. Characterization of Wastewater
  9. Treatability studies
  10. Preparation of feasibility reports
  11. Base – line & Post Environmental Clearance studies

Other Techno-legal Environmental Services:

  1. Assist in granting Consent to Establish/Operate/Renewal/ Amendments of Consent
  2. Periodic Statutory Report Submission
  3. Follow-ups & Liaison with CPCB / MPCB and other Statutory authorities
  4. Preparation of Environmental Statement as per Statutory requirements
  5. Preparation of Environmental Management Plan & Gap Analysis
  6. Undertaking Effluent Treatment Plant Performance Efficacy Audit
  7. Undertaking Legislative Compliance Audit
  8. Comprehensive & Rapid Environmental Impact Assessment of Industrial & Other Infrastructure Projects
  9. Preparation of Detailed Project Report
  10. Assist in Procurement of Statutory Environmental Clearances from MoEF.

Hazardous Waste, Bio-Medical Waste, MSW & E-Waste:

  1. Management, Handling, Transport & Disposal of Hazardous Waste.
  2. Management, Handling, Transport & Disposal of Bio-Medical Waste.
  3. Management, Handling, Transport & Disposal of Municipal Solid Waste.
  4. Comprehensive Waste Management / Resource Management in Industries.


We conduct Specialized / Tailor-made Training Programs for Industrial Personnel as well as General Public on following topics:

  1. Environmental Awareness
  2. Statutory Record-keeping and Periodic Report submission, for Industry
  3. Statutory Compliance Requirements
  4. Training for Operators / Shop-floor Personnel on Operations / Monitoring of Pollution Control Facilities.
  5. Laboratory Analysis
  6. ISO 1400 – awareness, Gap-analysis etc.