As per SO1533 dated 14th Sep 2006 Government of India has identified 17 activities under EIA notification. Any new project, expansion of existing project or change in project-mix or process of existing industry, prior environmental clearance is mandatory after location is selected.

These activities are further classified as category “a” or “B” based on threshold limits specified under schedule 1 of activities of said notification category A projects are cleared by the Environment Appraisal Committee (EAC) at MoEF New Delhi and category “B” projects are cleared by State Level Environmental Appraisal Committee (SEAC).

Category “B” projects are further subdivided into B-1 which need Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to be done and rest as B-2 which do not require EIA for prior clearance All category “A” project need public consolation and EIA to be submitted before environmental clearance is issued.

Out of 17 project activities os sectors as they are commonly known as, Excellent enviro can offer consultancy is getting environmental clearance for sector 17 (Pesticides Industry), Sector 18 (Petrochemical Complexes ) sector 19 ( Textile Industry), Sector 20 (Petrochemical based processing ) Sector 21 (Synthetic Organic Chemical Industry), Sector 22 (Distilleries), Sector 23 ( Integrated Paint Industry), Sector 36 (Common Effluent Treatment Plants), Sector 38 (Building and Construction Projects) and Sector 40(V) (Food Processing).

Excellent enviro undertakes preparation of EIA reports in line with MoEF requirements. We establish base line environment regarding air, water, soil, noise, ecology and biodiversity and socioeconomic conditions prevailing at selected site. The process is studied with respect to its impact on above environmental management plan is prepared to ensure activity is environment friendly and deserves environmental clearance.